Let’s Support Gong Hyo Jin!

Hello everyone!

Gong Hyo Jin’s new drama, Incarnation of Jealousy will be airing in August. We want to show our love and support by sending her a rice wreath to the drama’s press conference.

Many of you probably wonder, “What is a rice wreath?”

The wreath is for cheering for the singer and actor and is a gift to help farmers and poor neighbors.

– Dreame.co.kr

If you are still curious about how a wreath looks like, you can check out our previous rice wreath project for The Producers.

How to donate: PayPal
Click here to donate through PayPal

If you do not have PayPal and still wish to participate, please leave a comment at any of our SNS accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Soompi threadWordPress or email us at Gongvelyans@gmail.com!

If you cannot contribute financially, there is another way to show support! We are also looking for suggestions for the cheer message and photo. The cheer message will be on the left of the ribbon.

Here is the poll link: http://gongvelyans.polldaddy.com/s/ioj-rice-wreath (Poll is now close, results will be shown at the press conference)

Any remaining funds will be used to support future events. Let’s show Gong Hyo Jin that her fans all over the world are cheering for her and supporting her all the way!

 Thank you~


12 thoughts on “Let’s Support Gong Hyo Jin!”

  1. Figthing oennie, hope u succes on this drama,. Love u oennie,, i hope meet u. I am fans from indonesia,. Goodluck oennie love so much


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